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Development of mobile web applications for business android, ios

Dear friends! Mmix is pleased to offer you another mobile application development service! In the conditions of the unstoppable development of modern technologies, the use of mobile devices is becoming increasingly simple and interesting due to the introduction of new applications into operating systems and platforms covering various areas of users' lives. This miracle of technical thought can greatly simplify our everyday tasks, because having a mobile phone or tablet at hand, you can easily monitor your health, take measurements and calculations, and even make money transfers with just a few keys.

Many companies in the planning of their marketing activities give a special place to develop applications for iphone, android, ios and ipad. Our company widely and successfully specializes in the development of sites and the maintenance of mobile applications that can be used in banking, information activities, the organization of production processes, and the promotion of products and services.

In our work, we take the requirements of our customers for the finished product and the expected result from the implementation of the project, so we always manage to achieve the ultimate goals - to realize the creative ideas of our customers, and most importantly - to gain maximum popularity among users.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

The price of creating mobile applications is always individual! Our employees have sufficient experience and knowledge to ensure that the finished result exceeds all your wildest expectations! Our programmers are regular users of various mobile applications running on the most popular platforms in the world, and constantly improve their professional skills through self-education, attending events that talk about innovations in the field of it technologies. The possibility of widespread use of mobile applications in everyday life appeared not so long ago, but this time was enough for us to gain experience in this area and set our own pretty high quality standard.

At mmix, you can order the development of any mobile application, of any complexity of execution, working autonomously or in conjunction with other services. The subjects of the offered products are also diverse: entertaining, reference and informational, as well as corporate. With the help of our applications you can easily set up, organize and automate complex internal production processes in the enterprise.

All the intricacies of adapting to a specific platform, the requirements for the interface are fully taken into account by us, so you can be sure that the application will be guaranteed to meet both the general concept of a particular platform and a fully functional and competing one.

As an additional service, mmix offers placing a finished mobile application in application stores and accounts so that as many potential users as possible can get acquainted with it.

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Programming department
Programmers. Fish text is text that is used to fill the temporary layout proipvodstve in publications or websites, as long as the final text has not yet been established.
Design department
Our designers create a convenient, lightweight and at the same time creative design.
Front-end department
Our layout designers will help your site design gain dynamism and smoothness.
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Our SEO-specialists know how to optimize and raise your sites in TOPs correctly.
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Our marketers will develop an individual email marketing strategy.

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