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Popular about blockchain technology

Various new technologies are becoming more and more rapidly entering people's lives, designed to make their work and life more convenient and comfortable. Modern business cannot do without a huge amount of information, major financial transactions and many intermediaries, among which there may be unscrupulous people, and even outright scammers. Usually the presence of money attracts this kind of unscrupulous personalities, whose participation in business matters can result in serious losses.

What is the essence of blockchain technology?

The technological innovation of blockchain accumulates an enormous amount of data necessary for the high-quality operation of the digital registry of transactions. This registry is not hosted by any one provider, but is available for use on the corporate network of computers. Such a system allows interacting companies to create transactions instantly and immediately check them. Thanks to this, it is possible to speed up business processes as much as possible, save money, and also protect financial flows from fraudulent activities.

The essence of this innovation is the possibility of distributed storage of information on any vital issues. This is comprehensive information about various transactions, who, when, where and how much money was transferred. In addition, blockchain technology allows you to save innumerable data on property rights, loans issued and repaid, administrative and travel violations, registration and divorce, and many other very necessary and useful things.

Blockchain design features

By its structure, a blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain certain information. They are as if isolated from each other, but at the same time connected. New blocks are embedded in the tail of the existing chain, they duplicate the data already reflected in the previous blocks, adding new information to them. The principle of operation of this scheme is based on the distribution of information, its openness and reliability of protection. Each user included in the shared network stores copies of each block on his pc, so it is absolutely impossible to disable the system. A complete loss of information is possible only with the simultaneous breakdown of all network computers, the probability of which is zero.

System protection and keys to blockchain chain

The entire array of information in the blockchain system is reliably protected and encrypted, therefore, to obtain closed information, a special key is needed that identifies the user as having access to this level of information. A cryptographic key consists of a set of numbers and letters, simplifying verification. However, the presence of a key means only permission to use certain information, but does not give either the right or the ability to change anything in the system or in the data of another user.

Blockchain features

The blockchain system is characterized by immense openness and high reliability; it is a universal platform for the development of new standards and modern technologies that can change existing financial and economic relations for the better. There is no place for scammers in it and millions of pc users can safely exchange information, doing well without intermediaries. Blockchain technology is an open and transparent system that can be publicly verified. 

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