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Entrepreneurs at the beginning of the journey are looking for profitable ideas for their business, where there is low competition, because the chances of rising in this situation increase. When a person has the initial starting capital, and especially the desire to become a successful entrepreneur, it may seem that finding the sphere in which he will work is an easy task. The right choice in activity will help a beginner achieve great success, but finding this activity is not entirely simple. Thoughts do not end with the choice of a sphere. Proper tactics should be created.

Planning is the formation of what is coming in the mind of a person.

The purpose of planning is to achieve the desired goals, the implementation of the necessary tasks.

Types of planning at mmix

The strategic type of planning - a strategy is being developed (long-term plans for the development of the enterprise), the main methods for its implementation. Differs in flexibility.

The purpose of the strategy in planning is to achieve increased profits in the business by attracting a large number of consumers, expanding the range of products, exploring new sales markets.

Planning for tactics means clarifying and adjusting, understanding the planning of your actions, which are required to provide the best ways to achieve the goals of the strategy (to plan in detail).

Current layout - operational plans (in the process). Difference of tactical and strategic type

Time level

In strategic, the character of long-term nature is manifested.


In a tactical form, a more detailed layout.

In the strategic one, a review of few recurring problem points occurs, and in the tactical one, the same (often repeated).

By the nature of the problems

Decision makers.

The strategic decisions are made by top-level professionals, and the tactical decisions are made by middle-level professionals. 

Options for strategies:

  • Limited growth strategy. It is used in industries with good development, where a stable external environment. It is described by goals that are set at a level compared to previous years given inflation.
  • Growth strategy. The level of long-term and short-term goals in each year increases significantly compared to the previous year.
  • Growth reduction strategy.
  • A combination of different types of strategies. It is used for companies actively operating in various industries.

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