Creation of a turnkey sales department

Professional turnkey sales team creation

In order for the sales department to work efficiently and make the business profitable, it is not enough to find experienced employees and invest in their training. It is important to clearly build a self-governing system that would ensure:

  • Company income growth;
  • Staff loyalty.

Not all business owners understand that first you need to develop a strategy, plan, rules of relationships in the team. Cases when sales managers left a profitable project, taking with them a customer base are not uncommon. Well-coordinated work of specialists significantly affects the success of the company in the future.

What you need to consider when selecting a sales department

Competent team building includes:

  • Financial component. You need to understand that starting a business does not immediately pay off costs, and employees should organize a workplace and pay for their work.
  • Careful selection of staff. Familiarization with work experience and interviewing in this case is not enough.
  • Drawing up sales regulations. It is necessary that managers adhere to uniform rules, that chaos does not arise in the team.
  • Selection of management tools. Reports should not take time, in this case it is logical to implement crm.
  • If you do not understand these issues, entrust the construction of the work scheme to specialists by ordering a service for the formation of a sales department at marketing mix.

Ordering services to create a department from scratch is necessary:

  • Novice businessmen;
  • Developing companies;
  • Companies planning to establish a branch;
  • Businesses looking to radically change their sales strategy.
  • What functions should a sales manager perform?
  • Looking for new clients.
  • Processing incoming requests.
  • Informing customers about promotions and discounts.
  • Actually sales.
  • Customer support and building trust with them.
  • Records management.
  • Marketingmix services include:
  • Audit of an existing department;
  • Selection and training of managers, conducting trainings;
  • Development of job descriptions;
  • Creating a corporate sales book;
  • Scripting for negotiations with clients;
  • Crm implementation and staff training to work with it;
  • The introduction of certification and promotion of the employee.

Creating a sales team from scratch involves going through the following steps:

  • Consultation, mini-audit of the department, assessment of necessary costs.
  • The conclusion of the contract and scheduling staff selection.
  • Internship and certification of selected candidates.
  • The choice of the head of the unit.
  • Development of sales standards.
  • Testing employees.
  • Conducting trainings on effective work.

The office of marketing mix is located in kiev. Our employees are ready to help organize the managerial department for clients from other cities of ukraine.

Benefits of working with us

  • We are engaged in staff recruitment for more than 5 years.
  • We provide additional services that will help increase profits, including the creation and promotion of sites.
  • We have experienced hr and sales specialists.

Having ordered a service in our company, you will receive not a contractor, but a reliable and motivated employee. Need a consultation? Contact us, discuss your problems, help develop an effective strategy and put it into practice.

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