Analysis of talks of managers for sales

Despite the growing popularity with the goal of selling chats and instant messengers, the most popular channel for communication with customers is still a phone call. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the study of the needs of the target audience, its behavioral factors, building an effective sales funnel without analyzing telephone conversations.

Today it’s hard to surprise a consumer with the phrase: “your phone is tapped in order to improve the quality of service. Indeed, if the company cares about customers, it is important for the business owner, the head of the sales department to know how satisfied the buyer was, what the employee told him over the phone, what his opinion was about the supplier of goods and services.

What you need to analyze calls for

Listening and analysis of talks of managers allow:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their work;
  • Identify and eliminate deficiencies in the scripts used;
  • Set the optimal time for outgoing calls, as well as develop a work schedule that will help to get the maximum sales;

Test new marketing tools

Analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and correctly plan the budget for advertising.

The ultimate goals are to increase customer service standards, increase loyalty, and increase sales.

Who can do an analysis of telephone talks

Analytics of telephone conversations is needed by the head of the sales department, the owner of the company, marketers, technical specialists, and the managers themselves. However, the question arises: who should be entrusted with this task?

If the manager does it on his own and gross errors in communication are revealed, a scandal is possible, as a result of which some employees may quit, others will lose their desire to sell. The hr manager is not suitable for this role, as he does not have sales skills.

The best option is to attract an experienced specialist from the outside. Such a person will be able to give an adequate and impartial assessment of the conversation and suggest effective and conflict-free ways to solve the problem. You can order a number of services for evaluating call recording from marketing mix.

What services we offer

  • Estimation of the duration, quantity, call forwarding.
  • Detailed analysis of conversations with reporting errors and ways to correct them.
  • Writing scripts (if you do not have them), followed by a briefing on the use of ready-made scripts.
  • Trainings on telephone sales and self-scripting.
  • Consultations on calls.

You can order a specific, one-time service from us, as well as a subscription service. The price is negotiated individually. In case of ordering a range of services we provide discounts. For a qualitative analysis, it is desirable to introduce a crm system in the office. We recommend that you send recordings of conversations no older than 7-10 days.

For an initial consultation, contact us by phone or request a call back.

Advantages of working with us

  • Uniqueness
  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Speed

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