Human resource system audit

The sales department is the most important link in any company that sells goods or services. In many respects, income and business development prospects depend on it. However, managers and owners of firms often encounter difficulties in selecting personnel for a commercial unit. There are not so many qualified specialists in the labor market. Where to look for them and by what criteria to select? This question sometimes worries even professional recruiters.

If you have a good hr department or a separate specialist, but there is a problem with staff leakage or difficulty in selecting sales managers, order an audit of the search and selection system at marketing mix. Everyone makes mistakes. An independent expert will help you find flaws in the methods used to attract and select personnel and provide valuable recommendations thanks to which you can minimize the loss of money, time and effort in finding personnel.

When and for which requirement examination is required

Audit systems of selection of employees of the sales department order when:

  • Difficulties with the selection, search for personnel;
  • Staff leakage;
  • The need to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.

The main objectives of the peer review are to identify and eliminate weaknesses in the search process, selection of candidates for the position, job placement of applicants; bringing corporate standards for personnel selection in line with the business objectives of the company.

The task of the employer in this case is to change the existing recruiting system in the organization so that as few resources as possible are spent on staff search and long-term goals of the company are achieved.

What events includes an audit

Marketing mix experts use the whole set of tools:

  • Study of the company's website, pages on social networks;
  • Analysis of requirements for candidates, published vacancies, channels for posting job offers;
  • Hidden checks (response of our representative to a vacancy, passing an interview);
  • Monitoring an hr specialist during interviewing the applicant;
  • Assessment of conditions, conditions in the place of the interview;
  • Verification of cost-effectiveness of recruitment;
  • Consideration of statistics of interviews and accepted people;
  • Study of correspondence, communication of the recruiter with the applicant;
  • Study of the stages of adaptation of the adopted manager in the workplace.
  • The audit period is an average of 3 days. The cost of services is discussed during the consultation and depends on the specific problem.

Check algorithm

  • We determine the current vacancy that needs to be closed.
  • We study the requirements for the candidate, the proposed conditions, evaluate the cost of labor, compare the vacancy with similar offers in the market.
  • We find out the selection criteria.
  • We analyze the interview process.
  • We consider the process of adaptation of workers.
  • We fix the mistakes we make, develop proposals for improving the procedure for recruiting sales managers.
  • We provide a detailed written report on the work done.
  • To order a service, contact us in a way convenient for you.

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