Sales audit

The success of any company - trading or manufacturing, a seller of services, information products - directly depends on the effectiveness of the sales department. That is, the key to business growth is inside the company. If the planned sales volume cannot be achieved, the company has a staff turnover, transactions break down, the manager has to negotiate with clients on his own, and you should pay close attention to the quality of work of employees. A proven and reliable way in this case is the audit of the commercial department.

Such a check is often carried out by own staff. However, in order to get an unbiased assessment, it is still better to contact third-party experts. A team of auditors, hr specialists, marketers marketing mix is always ready to help in such situations.

What a company is given with a sales division operation audit

Business owners, heads of firms, departments appeal for help to experts to find answers to questions “why”:

  • Successful employees go to other employers;
  • The company's warehouse remains full for a long time;
  • Price and quality of goods, services are not inferior to the offers of competitors, but sales are poor;
  • Deals break down;
  • The head of the department, the company is personally engaged in the conclusion of transactions;
  • Workers are not interested in selling anymore.
  • Only after identifying the causes of problems can you develop strategies for solving them.

How we do an audit

  • We communicate with management and managers, get acquainted with the current situation.
  • We study the offer, documentation.
  • We analyze the records of communication between employees and customers.
  • We determine the bottlenecks in the organization of the work of the commercial department (competition, product knowledge, motivation, goals, customer base, conversion, etc.), develop a plan for introducing changes to the department.
  • We provide a detailed report indicating the problem areas and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of salespeople.
  • Initiatives based on the results of the audit may be different (implementation of crm, redistribution of personnel functions, improving the rules for working with customers, sales scripts, strengthening control over transactions, changing the motivation system, etc.).
  • We communicate and conduct consultations in person or on skype. The whole process takes from 2 to 8, and sometimes more than hours. Depending on the complexity, duration of work, the number of sales funnels, the price for the service is formed.

What you get as a result of the work performed

  • Independent evaluation of the business unit.
  • List of strengths and weaknesses of the sales process.
  • A plan to strengthen weaknesses.
  • Building an effective and understandable system of work in the department.
  • Effective sales funnel.

Naturally, after the introduction of the change plan, sales increase. In the process of implementing the plan, adjustments are possible.

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  • Quality
  • Speed

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