Automation of the sales department

The sales department has to process a huge amount of information daily: customer requests, commercial offers, purchases, etc. It is simply impossible to collect, process, store data in such volumes manually.

Not to lose valuable information, reduce time for performing routine tasks, build an effective communication system between managers and clients and department employees among themselves, with colleagues from other departments, and automation helps to simplify the control over the work of employees.

What does sales automation include?

Sales managers use crm, telephony, website, scripts, commercial offers, e-mail, chat bots in their activities. Work can be ideal if all these tools are combined into a single system. Marketing mix employees will create an effective system where, in one crm, a sales specialist will be able to send a commercial offer, monitor incoming letters and calls, call customers, reply to messages in online chat, and sell goods and services.

Stages of automation of work of the commercial department

  • Definition of the main stages of sales.
  • Development and approval of the scheme of trading processes in the company.
  • Preparation of regulations for employee actions.
  • Configure crm in accordance with these regulations.
  • Integration of the necessary tools into the system.
  • Testing, making adjustments.
  • Training staff to work with crm.
  • At the end of the work, we provide technical support.

What a company provides automation of processes

  • Prevention of loss of incoming client calls.
  • The ability to analyze the needs of the target audience.
  • Continuity of the work process in case of illness, vacation, dismissal of an employee.
  • The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • The ability to save a history of interaction with customers, to keep records of conversations.
  • Save time by reducing routine tasks.
  • Building an effective communication system in the trading process.
  • Convenient control over the work of managers.

The competent organization of work processes, increasing their transparency, well-coordinated actions of employees make sales as effective as possible. Thanks to the use of crm, you can quickly identify and correct errors in the work, improve the sales process and receive more orders.

5 reasons to order sales automation in marketingmix

  • You do not have to hire additional employees.
  • We offer solutions for specific tasks and goals.
  • In addition to the development and implementation of crm, we provide ongoing technical support.
  • You are not in danger of leaking information.
  • At an affordable cost, you get a convenient system with many features.
  • Using the opportunities that modern technical solutions provide to your business, you can increase profits and take your business to the next level.

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