Monitoring, management and support of the sales department

The success of any company, enterprise, regardless of the field of activity, depends on the work of the sales department. Neither the high quality of the product, nor public relations, nor advertising will help to achieve high performance if the work of managers is not properly organized. When employees work on their own, there is no single algorithm; the company risks losing to competitors.

Effective sales system is based for three purposes:

  • Guaranteed sales;
  • Sales growth;
  • Independence from specific employees.

To ensure that sales plans are always fulfilled, and this is not hindered by vacation, sick leave, dismissal, it is necessary to develop a professional management system for the department. In practice, it takes years to form, time and money are lost. Isn’t it easier to systematically approach the issue once and create a department that will always work on the result? The marketing mix team will help you develop a plan for growing your company's commercial department to a professional level.

In which cases is it necessary to change the management system and increase the quality control of the functioning of the sales department

  • The sales plan is not implemented or is completely absent.
  • The goal is to increase turnover.
  • There is no customer service strategy.
  • Each manager sells as best he can, a single algorithm does not exist.
  • It is planned to scale up the sales department.
  • The customer base is not maintained centrally.
  • Only products that are easiest to sell, or, conversely, the most expensive, are sold.
  • There are difficulties with the selection and retention of staff.
  • Only incoming calls are accepted, work on attracting new customers is not carried out.
  • Managers quickly "burn out" or, on the contrary, make excessive demands on the employer.

What is included in the services related to increasing and control of quality of work of the commercial division

Employees of the marketing mix first time carrying out an audit:

1. Learn a niche, product, target audience, competitors.

2. They give an independent assessment of the work of managers (they listen to conversations, study scripts, and verify that scripts are followed).

3. Analyze the staff motivation system.

4. Carry out a detailed audit of crm.

5. Evaluate the system and methods of recruitment.

Based on the results of the audit, we provide a report in which we indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the job, we draw up a detailed plan for optimizing the sales department. We also organize trainings, seminars on personnel management for business owners, heads of sales, training programs for managers. As separate services we offer the development and implementation of scripts, assistance in the implementation and effective use of crm, the development of a staff motivation system.

With us you can learn the techniques of managing the sales department and introduce modern and effective technologies in your company. Need a detailed consultation? Call us or ask your questions in a message in the feedback form.

Advantages of working with us

  • Uniqueness
  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Speed

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