Development of usp for the sales department

How to achieve a high level of sales and profits if you sell a product that is no different from similar offers of competitors? And is this even possible? These questions are asked by many business owners. You can achieve success if it is advantageous to position a product or service.

Unique selling proposition, usp (unique selling proposition, usp) - a marketing and sales tool, the essence of which is to highlight the key benefits of the product, stimulating the buyer to place an order. The main goal of usp is to prove to a potential client why to buy a thing, a service, a training program, the course is with you, and not with other market players.

A unique selling proposition makes any product special and convinces the client that his needs and interests will be satisfied. Marketing mix specialists will help you find a “trick” that will allow you to interest the target audience, build yourself up from competitors, build a strong brand and get more profit. 

Why company and separate products development of usp

Usp is necessary not only for direct sales, but also for creating commercial offers, slogans, advertising.

Usp can use:

  • Sell faster;
  • Declare yourself in a niche;
  • Cope with high competition;
  • Increase the amount of the average check;
  • Reduce the payback period of a business;
  • Increase the effectiveness of advertising.

The term was created as a contrast to shop-window advertising praising an offer with empty, template phrases like “most effective”, “best”, etc. Without underlining competitive advantage.

Principles of creation of unique trading offers

For the basis may be taken:

  • Appeal to the target audience (branded dresses for women 50+);
  • Quantitative parameters (company with 20 years of experience);
  • Unique benefits (three large bottles of water for the price of two);
  • Comparison with other products (powder removes stains that other products cannot cope with);
  • Breadth of assortment, etc.
  • Stages and cost of creation of usp
  • Defining sales goals.
  • Product analysis
  • Analysis of the target audience, identifying its problems, needs.
  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Exploring the benefits of a product and brand.
  • Promoting consumer confidence.
  • Formation of usp based on the identified strengths.

The price of the service depends on the niche of the business, the complexity of the products and their quantity, the number of options offered for consideration.

Usp must:

  • Be unique
  • Contain a specific offer (a certain product, service is sold, a specific benefit is promised);
  • Arouse interest, emotions;
  • To argue the reality of solving the client’s problem.

Avoid empty promises (for example, returning money for a purchase within two weeks, if in fact there is no return), invented advantages (salt without gmos).

Creating utp has a lot of nuances. You can develop it yourself, having studied a lot of information, spending time on marketing analysis. If you do not have the time and resources to do this, entrust the task to professionals.

Advantages of working with us

  • Uniqueness
  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Speed

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