Tests for evaluating sales managers

Have you been looking for a sales manager, specialist in the commercial department, or a sales representative for a long time? You know what professional and personal qualities a good salesperson should have, but you don’t know how to check it? Want to learn about the competence of your company employees? Are you planning staff training to increase sales?

Search, selection of candidates, testing of knowledge of working managers is not an easy task for a business owner and hr specialists. Indeed, in each niche of trade - its own nuances. For example, in b2c and b2c, not only the products themselves are different, but also the sales models. Therefore, standard tests will not help to fully evaluate the professional skills of the seller, they will not help to identify errors in the work and they will not tell you how to fix them.

Marketing mix specialists organize various types of testing: from interviews during interviews to complex business games.

Which qualities and skills a successful sales manager has

If speaking in general, a person who does trade is needed:

  • Perseverance. This feature is necessary in order to be able to warm up the interest of the buyer, and not just answer questions;
  • Representativeness: presentable appearance and ability to speak;
  • Sociability, ability to make new acquaintances;
  • Honesty, since the client is unlikely to trust a person who provides information that is different from that presented on the official website of the company;
  • Education, competent speech;
  • Ability to cope with a number of tasks at the same time;
  • Confidence;
  • Sense of humor, ability to repay conflict.

In addition to personal qualities, the specialist must have knowledge about:

  • Product company;
  • Target audience;
  • Supplier competitive advantage;
  • Sales technique.

No less important are the skills of negotiating, removing objections, the ability to make the right impression about the client, the presence of motivation.

Most common errors when testing:

  • Using random tests found on the network;
  • Aimless use of psychological tests that have nothing to do with the desired results;
  • Delegation of testing to eychars whose activities are not related to sales.

What manager testing methods exist

  • Theoretical tests.
  • Tests for motivation, creativity, communicative tolerance.
  • Situational, psychological testing.
  • Group selection when hiring staff.
  • Business games.

Marketing mix experts will help you organize testing that matches your business goals and niche features. We will conduct professional examinations of candidates for the position of seller and working specialists. We will provide a report based on the results. The price is discussed individually and depends on the complexity of the procedure, the number of people.

To discuss the details of cooperation, call us or request a call back.

Advantages of working with us

  • Uniqueness This is one of the main targets, leading us to the ultimate goal. All our projects are aimed at achieving one hundred percent positive. The uniqueness of the finished product is beneficial to allocate you from the competition and make them move in your shadow. This horse of our company and the benefits of your individual image!
  • Experience Our company is engaged in the development, implementation and maintenance of the Internet - not a one-year projects. Knowledge of the business and the consistently high level of given strips provide our regular customers, as well as positive reviews and recommendations, which in turn attracts new customers. Our employees know and love their job, so without a job they do not have to sit that allows them to continuously expand and improve their professional skills.
  • Responsibility This is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Any task that we set ourselves, we decide to maximize total efficiency. Our experts draw, if necessary, additional opportunities to work result you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased! Even the smallest Your comments and suggestions are perceived constructively and seriously.
  • Creativity We understand that the more unusual and interesting will look to the consumer our product is, the more desire it will call for cooperation with you. Therefore, in our work we employ, are constantly develop and improve their creative skills, follow the latest developments in the field of web design and other creative and technical information technology, to how to better and more interesting to deal with our problems.
  • Quality The most experienced and educated professionals working in the state of our company. Participation in the creation, development and promotion of various projects over the years, and a constant desire to educate themselves and raise their professional knowledge and skills enabling them to qualitatively carry out their duties. And the use of an integrated approach to the tasks only improves the quality of work performed by them.
  • Speed Individual approach to each client, a thorough understanding of the nuances in its activities and accurate study of the desired goals - significantly accelerate workflow, and allow the customer to get the desired result as soon as possible. We understand that the faster we will fulfill its task, the faster will increase your profits! Speed - one of the indisputable advantages of cooperation with us!

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