Development and implementation of content strategies

The general business strategy of companies that want to establish themselves as experts in their field, to detach themselves from competitors, includes such an element as content marketing.

Content marketing is a tool that allows you to attract a target group by creating useful and interesting materials, placing them on a corporate website or third-party resources.

The purpose of applying the technology is not direct sales and advertising, but increasing the audience’s loyalty to the brand, creating an expert’s reputation in its niche.

What tasks does content-marketing solve

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Attracting network traffic to the site, preparing the target audience for the transition to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • Detuning from competitors by submitting quality information.
  • Taking an expert position in the eyes of the target audience.
  • Communication with the audience.
  • Useful content does not create advertising, but the added value of the product. 

Who needs to develop content strategies

Business owners should understand that the tool does not give quick results. The strategy can bear fruit in six months or even two years, and therefore is not suitable for areas where prompt decision-making (taxi, ticket purchase) or sales of emotions is required.

Content marketing is effective:

  • In highly competitive niches;
  • For complex services (accounting, jurisprudence);
  • For stores with seasonal sales;
  • In the field with repeated sales (beauty salons, equipment stores).

Types of value for the user of information:

  • News, articles;
  • Infographics
  • Images;
  • Video reviews;
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Videos of training events;
  • Interview;
  • Cases, etc.
  • Texts, videos, graphics can be educational, news, entertaining.

Information distribution channels

  • Website or company blog.
  • E-mail newsletter.
  • Subject media - electronic and print.
  • Social network.
  • Seminars, webinars, conferences, video tutorials.

Content strategy creation algorithm

Team implementes successfully such types of works:

  • Ca analysis.
  • Audit of existing site content and publications in other sources.
  • Definition and coordination of strategy.
  • Drawing up a content plan.
  • Preparation of tk for copywriters, designers.
  • Publication on selected sites.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the placement of materials.
  • The price of creating and posting content depends on the complexity of the materials, the time spent on preparation, the channel of placement. 

Ordering the development of a content strategy, you will receive:

  • Opinion leader status. To do this, it is enough to use one or several channels;
  • High-quality leads. People will come to your site knowingly. The likelihood that they will order a product, service is higher compared to an occasional visitor;
  • Site traffic growth;
  • Proper promotion in search engines. A long stay on the pages, the entry from the bookmarks well affect the ranking;
  • Brand recognition in the market;
  • Facilitating the search for new employees. Candidates for jobs reading blogs, newsletters are more likely to come for an interview because they are interested in your area of activity.
  • It is impossible to say in advance which channel will be the most effective in your case. You need to try different options.

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