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Site content support
The company, engaged in the development and promotion of sites for various types of business, in addition to technical, also offers information support for web resources, filling them with unique and relevant content.
Content - everything that is filled with the company's website, online store, information resource and what users pay attention to by going to a page from a search engine.
Distinguish content:
Text - the basis for filling the website;
Graphic, especially important for online stores;
Ready to help fill the site with high-quality texts and images, videos proposed by the customer or uploaded to youtube.
What is the value of the site content support service?
Systematically updated valuable information:
Increases confidence in the company as an expert in a certain field;
Forms a loyal attitude to the brand, product, service;
Makes the brand recognizable;
Increases traffic to the site, and accordingly, the number of customers;
Favorably distinguishes business from competitors.

SEO of content will help to occupy the first places in the search results, attract the attention of the target audience, and quickly recover the costs of promotion.

What types of content require systematic updating
Product catalogs, price lists, service lists.
Blogs, expert articles.
Questions and answers.
Customer reviews.
Textual information on the site should be relevant, accessible for perception by the target audience, and should be ranked high in search engines.
What is included in content support services?
In the company you can order:
Placement on the site of the finished texts, illustrations, videos that you provided;
Selection and publication of news related to the direction of your business;
Analysis of the content posted on the site, providing recommendations for its improvement;
Copywriting, rewriting of commercial, informational texts;
Writing materials for seo promotion;
Corporate blogging;
Selection of images, including purchase on photo stocks;
Preparation of press releases, promotional articles;
Support of advertising campaigns.
We offer cooperation both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing basis. The price depends on the type, volume and complexity of the work, negotiated individually.
We work with:
Online stores (description of categories, compilation of product cards);
Service companies
B2b and b2c business.
Content support can be ordered as an independent service or as part of a package for the development and promotion of the site.
When creating content, we take into account the type of activity of the company, the target audience and its interests. You can specify the cost and discuss the nuances with the manager of by phone, in person at an office in kiev or in a representative office in another city of ukraine - by appointment. Contact! We will help your business achieve success and gain a worthy reputation in the market.

To develop сases


Programming department
Programmers. Fish text is text that is used to fill the temporary layout proipvodstve in publications or websites, as long as the final text has not yet been established.
Design department
Our designers create a convenient, lightweight and at the same time creative design.
Front-end department
Our layout designers will help your site design gain dynamism and smoothness.
SEO department


Our SEO-specialists know how to optimize and raise your sites in TOPs correctly.
Marketing department


Our marketers will develop an individual email marketing strategy.

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