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The rapid development of new technologies has given rise to the intensive use of copyright and other related rights to various internet products. Since the internet involves massive access by users around the world, copyright on the internet is presented many times. Both the subjects themselves and the numerous objects of copyright are very diverse. For example, the copyright on the site applies to owners of various websites, and their objects are various content, software products, as well as everything that is placed in them - music, information, pictures, videos, various databases and other objects that have authors.

The same rights are enjoyed by:

  • Providers regarding computer programs and servers through which internet access occurs;
  • Manufacturers of software that allows providers to work with servers;
  • Owners of objects hosted on internet content.

All this information, digitized, becomes easily accessible to a wide range of users who neglect the observance of copyright and violate them, without thinking about the legality of their actions. In order to protect copyright on the site and other internet products and objects, they are increasingly turning to the need for legislative regulation of legal relations between authors and users that arise in the process of using certain copyright developments.

Today in ukraine, such relations are regulated by the copyright law on the internet, according to which the developers of internet products themselves, as well as their heirs and other persons endowed with such rights by authors or heirs, act as copyright subjects. According to the legal assessment of the concept of using an author’s work, given by the civil code of ukraine, the use is considered to be its publication, as well as reproduction in any way in any form. The law of ukraine “on copyright and related rights” stipulates that the replication of copies of an author’s product is more than one, as well as their preservation on electronic media is considered a reproduction.

Based on the current legislative norms, the law on copyright protection on the internet treats the placement of any object on the site as its reproduction and violation of the property rights of the author. Only the creator of the product has the exclusive right to allow the use of his intellectual property or categorically prohibit it. However, relatively new, more modern copyright objects represented by html files are not so simple. Several different objects of intellectual work are embodied in the html file at the same time, therefore, none of the existing provisions of the law can be applied to it. However, this object may fall under the jurisdiction of the law if the author registers his html-file in a specialized state enterprise for copyright and neighboring rights as a computer program.

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