Promotion using contextual advertising

Search engines, in addition to learning how to accurately select information on the internet for user requests, are also an effective advertising tool. Services such as google, yandex can select the subject of advertising messages. The user receives the necessary information, and with it the advertisement of goods or services that correspond to his recent requests. This is the main advantage of contextual advertising, because its main consumers are interested internet users - potential buyers. 

Context advertising differences:

  • Targeting a specific audience (ads are selected for network users depending on their requests to search engines);
  • Efficiency (advertising messages are always shown in the place allocated for them in context along with the information that is of interest to the target client);
  • The flexibility of optimization for the goals and financial capabilities of the customer (he sets the budget and chooses what actions he wants to pay for, what kind of query words he considers the most effective, etc.).

Contextual advertising is considered the most effective tool for promoting goods or sites on the internet. Usually this is a text or image that is displayed in a prominent place, which is displayed only when certain queries are entered by search engines or on sites that are relevant to the topic. Many search engines specifically single out separate blocks for advertising messages of this kind, and placed contextual advertising on sites is also an additional income for their owners.

Due to good optimization for the target audience, using contextual advertising is beneficial primarily to the customer. He does not pay for message displays to a group of network users who are not interested in his products. In addition, the customer does not pay for the place itself under the advertising message, and does not search for it. Using contextual advertising to promote, he pays only for actions. These can be clicks to his site by means of a “click” on an advertisement. You can also pay for the number of demonstrations of the message.

Google adwords contextive advertising

A separate paragraph deserves pricing. The cost of contextual advertising is not constant. Since it is optimized for search query words (which are divided into high-frequency and low-frequency), the price for each action varies depending on the popularity of the request. The more often the phrase is entered into the search, the more competition for its use in the advertising campaign. The effectiveness of contextual advertising depends on the desire of the customer to invest in it.

If the goal is to quickly promote the site in the expectation of instant return, then contextual advertising will be the best choice. Of course, in this case, the owner of the web resource needs to be prepared to invest heavily in an advertising campaign.

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