Promotion of media advertisement

What is a display ad? Simply put, it is an advertisement placed on the web, on television, radio, and in other print media. For online marketers, display advertising is usually referred to as banner. It certainly plays a significant role in advertising, but not the only one.

What is display advertising? First of all, this is an alert (without spam), a contextual advertisement for a public event. Media promotion as a banner structure is much stronger than the same publication in a magazine, newspaper, propaganda on television.

A user or a guest, having clicked on a banner, immediately gets to the internet content where the banner directs. Often, the originally animated banner draws the user into games and actively interacts with users.

The banner is in every way aimed at ensuring that the guest immediately gets to the product information or to information about the advertised product. Such an instant advertising action is possessed only by banner and text contextual advertising among the other groups listed above.

Media contextive advertising for image

To create a sustainable image, an indispensable element will be a display advertisement. This style of product promotion is required to create a sustainable style, in which case the promotion will be most effective.

For this type of advertising, assistance in promoting products and developing a brand is the most alternative task than raising sales themselves. Of course, display advertising is quite convenient for the purpose of appealing to a targeted audience, with the goal of intelligently describing the proposed product.

A teaser (banner), as an advertising mechanism, has an extraordinary capacity, accuracy of expression, and aspiration of a marketing message. The look of the teaser, its location, the nature of the action can have innumerable options, which, in turn, brings him tremendous superiority among other advertising options.

Moments and statistics. Before placing a teaser, the advertiser should be guided by such a rule as “pay attention to the quality of your own website”. Since the banner can be made very intriguing, bright and catchy, and after going to the site, the user will be disappointed to see a site that is too simple, not full enough, with an uncomfortable interface. If after that the guest immediately leaves him without considering the goods provided, the role of the banner immediately decreases.

For this advertiser, you should pay attention to providing the buyer with a convenient, interesting site. It is also necessary to consider the content of the resources where the teasers will be placed. Distrusted websites will lower the credibility and effectiveness of marketing banners.

A display ad is well suited to get accurate statistics that can be easily verified and calculated using your performance. According to average statistics, its productivity is 10-11%, which is compared with contextual advertising, only 1% less. The effectiveness of display advertising increases due to the fact that it is often presented using contextual advertising mechanisms.

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