Setting google shopping

At the beginning of 2018, the google shopping service began working in ukraine. This is a new tool in the field of contextual advertising that allows online stores to create google product listing ads and display them in response to a request. A picture with the product, its name and price is placed above the results or to the right of the text search.

Upon launching an advertising campaign, adwords takes information from the data feed, from which it generates key requests for showing ads.

Feed - file with detailed product information. Created separately for google merchant center and adwords.

The goal of the google shopping site is to visually show a potential buyer the products he needs in online stores and enable him to compare prices.

What are the advantages and features of google shopping for e-commerce business

  • A vivid picture will attract attention sooner than a text ad.
  • Clicking on an ad is cheaper than on text ads.
  • Data on the price, availability of the product in the store are updated automatically, which avoids additional costs.
  • At the same time to launch an advertising campaign, it is necessary to understand its specificity:
  • Advertising rules are quite strict;
  • More careful work with negative keywords is needed, as requests are created based on the feed.

The launch of the campaign requires not only the setting up of google shopping, but also the preparation of the site for this method of promotion. Specialists of the company are ready to offer professional assistance at all stages of placing goods on the marketplace. You, in turn, will be able to maximize sales as quickly as possible.

In which cases the service settings for ukraine gogl purchase is most actual

  • All the mechanisms of classic advertising are already involved, but urgently need to increase targeted traffic from the search engine.
  • There are a lot of products in the online store, advertising campaigns take a lot of time and effort.
  • Clicks in a sales niche are expensive, there is no way to get into the top organic serps.
  • You want current prices and other information to automatically appear in advertisements.
  • What you need to start advertising campaigns on google purchases
  • Sign up for google.

Create an account at google merchant center. Merchant for trading is a tool that allows you to display the goods of an online store in google shopping and other services.

Prepare feed data.

To prepare the site for the launch of dynamic advertisements.

Make the necessary settings.

The feed for google merchant must be automatically updated, the required columns must be filled.

To customize google merchant center, the online store must be bored in accordance with such requirements:

  • All goods are in stock;
  • The basket for ordering contains information on the terms of payment;
  • On the website, the rules for returning the goods and the amount paid for it are prescribed.
  • A full list of requirements is available on the official merchant rules page. google shopping services

  • You can choose any part from the services offered:
  • Consulting support;
  • Registration in merchant;
  • Connecting the marketplace through merchant or adwords;

Negative keyword exclusion

  • Assistance in preparing the feed, drafting tk for programmers;
  • Site preparation and launch of an advertising campaign.

Not sure how to load the price and make the ad dynamic? No time to understand the nuances of posting ads and do not have the opportunity to hire an employee who would deal with these issues? Save time and money - contact marketing mix specialists.

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