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Offline promotion

Today, business owners choose the internet as a priority for promoting goods and services. This method allows you to easily attract new customers and increase the number of orders easily and at minimal cost. However, do not forget about traditional marketing, which enhances the effectiveness of online promotion.

Offline promotion includes:

  • Outdoor advertising - billboards, citylights, neon signs, led screens for broadcasting video;
  • Leaflets handed out in crowded places or sent by physical mail;
  • Advertising in the media: on radio, television, in print;
  • Promotional materials - bags, magnets, pens with company symbols.
  • Which method will be most effective in your case, marketers will tell you and help with the organization of the advertising campaign.

Features of product and brand promotion offline

The synonym for online is inbound (internal), offline is outbound (external) marketing. The difference between these two types of promotion is as follows:

  • Internet marketing is clearly focused on the target group, traditional does not provide for segmentation of the audience.
  • Both methods focus on the emotions of a potential client, online marketing - also on search engines.
  • Offline promotion is a more expensive method.
  • Outdoor advertising works for a wide audience.
  • You can evaluate the results of promotion on the network, outbound - no.
  • Traditional methods of advertising are gradually fading into oblivion.

Despite the clear advantages of digital marketing, traditional methods of advertising in some cases still do not lose their relevance. In addition, there are more graduates in traditional marketing than pros in online promotion. Accordingly, they use many tools that work to this day, and are ready to offer customers truly effective options.

When is it advisable to use external marketing

  • Advertising of local events - concerts, holidays.
  • The need to attract an audience to a specific place within the district in the city.
  • Reporting to an audience that does not use the internet.
  • Local business branding - cafes, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc.
  • Politics.
  • In addition, offline brands are often used by major global brands such as apple, nike, coca-cola. But these giants are increasingly using online methods.

A well-built marketing strategy, including inbound and outbound promotion, will help achieve these goals:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Attracting more buyers, sales growth;
  • Strengthening in the top positions among competitors.

Entrusting specialists with the development of your product promotion strategy, you can not only increase profits, but also inspire confidence in your company. To learn more about the most effective advertising channels for your business, consult our employee by phone or during a meeting in an office in kiev.

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