Promoting with billboards

If we talk about large companies, then absolutely everyone uses this type of advertising as a billboard. This is due to the fact that this type of advertising is the most effective and fast payback.

Advertising on boards is considered the most profitable, but this does not mean that placing any picture on a 3 x 6 billboard, a potential buyer or client will pay attention to it. It is necessary to create such advertising that at a subconscious level will attract absolutely any person.

Just for this, companies are created that deal with this type of service. Mmix, having many years of experience in this field, provides just such services. A team of specialists is able to create a text that will make people interested in the information provided on the billboard.

An important fact of cooperation with mmix is their loyalty and fast technical support. Marketing specialists will be happy to advise and give the most detailed and useful information.

Do not forget about that the payback of such advertising may become zero for a number of reasons:

  • If the maximum profit does not exceed the cost of renting a billboard;
  • If the company is too small and the services provided are unprofitable.
  • But even then you should not be afraid. Mmix employees will correctly explain everything and, in extreme cases, recommend using a different type of advertising.

When this advertising results

In most cases, advertising on billboards will be bound by if:

  • Introduced a new service or product that was not previously used, or was in the “shadow”;
  • Use it to attract the attention of customers directly near the provision of services. Many saw signs that stand near beauty salons, shops and pharmacies. Such advertising will be most effective both at the opening of the institution, and after a long period of time;
  • Used for political purposes. This is perhaps the most popular advertisement in recent times. People tend to remember faces, and even without knowing the candidate, but seeing him on the street, they are likely to give preference to him than those who have never been seen and never heard of.
  • It should be understood that outdoor advertising on boards will give a good result only with prolonged use. Studies show that in order to achieve the greatest effectiveness of this advertising, you need at least three months to post information on the billboard.

Advantages of working with us

  • Uniqueness
  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Speed

To develop сases


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Programmers. Fish text is text that is used to fill the temporary layout proipvodstve in publications or websites, as long as the final text has not yet been established.
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Our designers create a convenient, lightweight and at the same time creative design.
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Our layout designers will help your site design gain dynamism and smoothness.
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Our SEO-specialists know how to optimize and raise your sites in TOPs correctly.
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