Promotion advertising in price aggregators

The main task of price aggregators is to collect, subsequently process and provide the information received to interested users in an accessible and orderly form of price lists of stores selling via the internet. In other words, this system allows you to compare prices and products on various internet platforms.

On such servers, there are feedback systems for goods and stores in which they can be purchased. It is very user friendly.

Very popular and proven aggregators are,,

Price aggregators are also quite useful for the online stores themselves. After all, such resources are a place of visiting people who have already decided on a particular product and are in the final stages of readiness to purchase it. Thus, the information on the price aggregator can be the last touch, which will push the future customer to this or that store. Having received all the data that interests him, the buyer goes to the website of the online store itself and places an order.

Such a system allows a potential customer not to get lost in the rich selection of online stores and find something that suits him.


The basis is payment directly for the transition to sites under the authority of advertisers.

Moreover, the calculation is made only for the transition of unique visitors. That is, duplicate transitions will not cost you a dime.

The least popular form of payment is payment for a certain number of lines in an advertisement.

Efficiency of advertisement placement in price aggregators

On such servers, it is possible to place any goods that belong to the category of mass consumption. Especially effective is advertising on electronics, computers, mobile devices, as well as various accessories.

It is worth noting that your ad may appear on aggregators within 1 or 2 days. This is a very important point, as it eliminates the possibility of unexpected delays.


It is statistically proven that the percentage of purchases after advertising on special price aggregators is much higher than when placing such advertising in conventional search engines.

Thus, we found that advertising in price aggregators significantly improves conversion at lower costs. Concrete work is underway on the result.

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