Seo audit - for the site
Seo audit is a set of measures to identify errors that prevent a particular site from being brought to leading positions in search results.

It is performed in the case of identifying the following problems:
Regardless of the measures taken to optimize the site, it is at a low position in the search results, and also has a small number of sales and its traffic;
Getting the project under the filters of search engines;
The number of purchases in relation to the number of visitors is significantly less.
The main purpose of seo audit is to bring the internet resource to higher positions in search queries and increase traffic, and as a result increase sales.

Necessary steps in carrying out a seo audit
Studying the specifics of the project. Identification of the target audience and research of its interests in order to attract more potential buyers.
Identify the most common searches for the target audience. Based on this, an analysis of the pages of the site is carried out in order to introduce the right keywords or phrases that correspond to the sales policy and the name of the company.
Determining the visibility of the site by search engines, for key queries. As a result, it is revealed what needs to be changed to increase positions in the results of issuance. The main points for adjustment are most often the texts posted on the site. They must be unique and competently optimized (that is, there must be such attributes as: title, description, h1, etc.).
Analysis of seo project optimization. Control over the growth dynamics of visitors and identifying the sources of their appearance. Also, at this stage it is advisable to analyze links to the site from third-party resources.
The next step in search audit is a thorough study of competitors' sites. This includes analysis of development policy, place in search results. Based on this, further measures are planned, in order to get around them at the optimum cost.
Conduct an audit of a site c

A competent and high-quality seo audit cannot consist of vague advice or optimization of any ready-made site model. This type of seo services is, first of all, research activities aimed at detecting problems of a strictly defined internet resource. The audit determines the final result of website promotion and its effectiveness. At the end of this analysis, your site should always increase in search results, thereby increasing its traffic, and hence the number of sales.


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